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Sonia Falcone light art installation @ The Biennale, Santa Cruz Bolivia

Mozilla Drumbeat festival: ‘Learning is learning, and learning is good.’

Drumbeat – Mozilla’s flagship festival focusing on net-neutrality, openness, and freedom of learning and expression – begins today in Barcelona, Spain. After spending an evening scoping out the scheduled events, workshops, and folks involved, here are some of my MASSIVELY cool highlights and things to watch out for in 2011:

Universal Subtitles

I was impressed to hear Robin Christopherson, Head of Accessibility Services at AbilityNet, sing the praises of YouTube’s auto-captioning tool at FOWD 2010 earlier this year. Mozilla‘s new open source tool – Universal Subtitles – aims to help translate even more videos into a format capable of being easily consumed by deaf and hard of hearing users, as well as ensuring that popular search engines – like Google – can access and archive important video content for years to come. View a video introduction to the new Universal Subtitles tool in all its HTML5 glory.

Grand taxonomy of Rap names

If you liked the ‘Political infographics TV feature on Newsnight‘ video I posted last month, then you’re gonna ❤ this. My personal favourite is the ‘audacious misspelling’ category :P

Pop Chart Lab's 'Grand taxonomy of Rap names' poster

Pop Chart Lab's 'Grand taxonomy of Rap names' poster

Political infographics TV feature on Newsnight

Interesting TV feature on BBC’s Newsnight this evening focusing on the popular rise of political infographics in today’s new media. (Filmed, spur of the moment, using my phone.):