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Random background images with CSS background-size

So you want to display background images on your website?.. Coincidence – me too! Firstly why not pause for a second and refresh this web page for a while and appreciate the lovely photography :P

Mac OSX, Safari 5.0 screenshot

Mac OSX, Safari 5.0 screenshot

If you’ve tried background images (unsuccessfully) in the past, no doubt you’ve come unstuck with a few of the same sorts of dilemmas as I have: the first culprit being content vs. image legibility, and the second being each image’s responsiveness to the viewport (will the image tile or stretch?; in which case you have to start thinking about tessellation accuracy and file size etc.).

What have you been reading recently?

A selection of books I’ve been enjoying recently:

'Universal Principles of Design' is THE BIBLE.

'Universal Principles of Design' is THE BIBLE.


Have any recommendations of your own? Drop them in the comments. The tenth insightful comment wins my pristine second copy of Handcrafted CSS by Dan Cederholm and Ethan Marcotte (great book BTW)!