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Taming Adobe colour settings for your web browser

*Some artwork I'm working on*

*Some artwork I'm working on*


If you – like me – are having problems reproducing identical colours between Photoshop and your web browser this post provides a solution.

This post does not concern itself with best practices for printing techniques and managing CMYK colour palettes. I’m primarily a web designer, so settings for print don’t concern me. That said, if you are a print designer you’d still benefit from reading this article, especially if you haven’t come across the term sRGB before.

CSS typography posters

Whilst looking for a practical application for the (new) CSS3 border-image property this evening I stumbled upon this typography wonder:


Nicolas Gallagher CSS Typography Experiment

Now at first glance it’s nothing special, but once you discover this is pure HTML/CSS comboliciousness were dealing with here… well, I got my Firebug on to inspect a little closer and sure enough it’s all image-free. The depression set in once I discovered this was accomplished/published nearly a year ago, back in February of this year (2010).

NB the advanced use of CSS for the heart shape and great use of masking using the :before/:after pseudo-element.

Good Magazine: Nuclear Weapons infomercial

One of the great infomercials from recent years. Always stuck with me:




… borrowing of a style, typically used elsewhere, as the basis for a design. This may be done for purely aesthetic reasons as a method to present information in a certain way, but often it is done to borrow characteristics that are associated with the appropriate source. Establishing such a connection may add credibility to the design or cause it to be viewed in a certain way.

Gavin Ambrose & Paul Harris

Grand taxonomy of Rap names

If you liked the ‘Political infographics TV feature on Newsnight‘ video I posted last month, then you’re gonna ❤ this. My personal favourite is the ‘audacious misspelling’ category :P

Pop Chart Lab's 'Grand taxonomy of Rap names' poster

Pop Chart Lab's 'Grand taxonomy of Rap names' poster

‘Tasty Visuals’ by Neal Coghlan

How AWESOME are these visuals?!!

Illustrator: Ben Newman

Go buy his prints!

Ben Newman 'Dorothy's Itch'

Ben Newman 'Dorothy's Itch'

Some philosophy with great drawings

Political infographics TV feature on Newsnight

Interesting TV feature on BBC’s Newsnight this evening focusing on the popular rise of political infographics in today’s new media. (Filmed, spur of the moment, using my phone.):