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Grand taxonomy of Rap names

If you liked the ‘Political infographics TV feature on Newsnight‘ video I posted last month, then you’re gonna ❤ this. My personal favourite is the ‘audacious misspelling’ category :P

Pop Chart Lab's 'Grand taxonomy of Rap names' poster

Pop Chart Lab's 'Grand taxonomy of Rap names' poster

Responsive Web Design


CSS fluid images


Political infographics TV feature on Newsnight

Interesting TV feature on BBC’s Newsnight this evening focusing on the popular rise of political infographics in today’s new media. (Filmed, spur of the moment, using my phone.):


The fold: 5% of users’ total time is spent past the 2,000-pixel mark

Even though 5% of users’ total time is spent past the 2,000-pixel mark, they tend to scan information that far from the top fairly superficially: some pages are very long (often 4,000+ pixels in my sample), and thus this 5% of user attention is spread very thinly. In our study, user viewing time was distributed as follows:

  • Above the fold: 80.3%
  • Below the fold: 19.7%

We used an eye tracker with a resolution of 1,024 × 768 pixels. These days, many users have somewhat bigger screens, and we’ve conducted many (non-ET) usability studies with larger resolutions. Although using a bigger monitor wouldn’t change my conclusions, it would somewhat increase the percentage of user attention spent above the fold simply because more info would be available in the initially viewable space.

Form input labels with (HTML5) placeholder attributes

Update 16/12/2010

I used this jQuery placeholder plugin to do the job today and it worked nicely.

The new HTML5 specification introduces the form input placeholder attribute, which allows us to define a hint to help users fill out input fields. If you’re using a WebKit-based browser right now you should find working examples of the new input placeholder in use on this page.

Working with form elements, especially labels, can present a dilemma for many…

Proportionator (alpha 1.0)

Update 26/11/2010

Pending feature requests for v1.1 (beta):

  • Custom aspect ratios
  • Default radio input
  • Full form entry validation
  • Height to width conversion
  • Outputs image place holders
Update 30/11/2010

Proportionator gets a new home: http://www.proportionator.co.uk/. The project also welcomes the very talented @_alanshaw on-board to help get some of these feature requests out the door. Boo yar!

Try Proportionator?

Proportionator (beta 1.0)

Proportionator (beta 1.0)


Simply put; you’d like to be able to insert media (notably images) into your new WordPress 3.0 posts and pages – and any other website page – and ensure the dimensions fill the column width, helping to:

Making Money vs. Quality Work

I want to make beautiful things, even if nobody cares.

Saul Bass

What the 80/20 Rule Tells Us about Reducing HTTP Requests

Most performance optimization today are made on the parts that generate the HTML document (apache, C++, databases, etc.), but those parts only contribute to about 20% of the user’s response time. It’s better to focus on optimizing the parts that contribute to the other 80%.

Yahoo! Interface Blog


A wonderfully visual HTML5/CSS3 browser support resource I revisited this evening, buried in my bookmarks:

http://html5readiness.com/ screenshot

HTM5 Readiness screenshot