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CSS fluid images


Proportionator (alpha 1.0)

Update 26/11/2010

Pending feature requests for v1.1 (beta):

  • Custom aspect ratios
  • Default radio input
  • Full form entry validation
  • Height to width conversion
  • Outputs image place holders
Update 30/11/2010

Proportionator gets a new home: http://www.proportionator.co.uk/. The project also welcomes the very talented @_alanshaw on-board to help get some of these feature requests out the door. Boo yar!

Try Proportionator?

Proportionator (beta 1.0)

Proportionator (beta 1.0)


Simply put; you’d like to be able to insert media (notably images) into your new WordPress 3.0 posts and pages – and any other website page – and ensure the dimensions fill the column width, helping to:

IE6-8 CSS3 border-radius support with CSS3 PIE

I received a wonderful tip-off from one of my colleagues this week via Slashdot. My dreams had come true and along with it sanctimonious giggles for all the people I’ve known in the past who’ve worshiped Internet Explorer enough to waste time and money on supporting the browser’s lack of CSS support, rather than engaging with – let’s face it – more useful and engaging tasks; tasks we should all justify and convince to our clients before a project begins.


A wonderfully visual HTML5/CSS3 browser support resource I revisited this evening, buried in my bookmarks:

http://html5readiness.com/ screenshot

HTM5 Readiness screenshot


What have you been reading recently?

A selection of books I’ve been enjoying recently:

'Universal Principles of Design' is THE BIBLE.

'Universal Principles of Design' is THE BIBLE.


Have any recommendations of your own? Drop them in the comments. The tenth insightful comment wins my pristine second copy of Handcrafted CSS by Dan Cederholm and Ethan Marcotte (great book BTW)!