FLOWing introduction animation for a better user experience

Most product websites will layout a bunch of images and text content on the page (maybe even a slick video if you’re lucky) and expect users to make sense of it all. Flow (by MetaLab) on the other hand uses some simple, fun, animation effects to facilitate a visual point of reference, narrating (or aptly: ‘flowing’) the user through the rest of their product experience; discovering more about this task management app – great stuff!

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  • They also have a couple of easter eggs too:

    #1 : Click on the icons in the first diagram one-by-one left to right. Used to have music but doesn’t appear to be there anymore

    #2 : Click anywhere on the page any type the word kittens

    Not only good design but the ability to spend some time adding cool easter eggs, seems like a cool company

  • I have a designer friend who knows the guys who created the site, he showed it to us a while back.

    As for the design of my blog, yeah I know so old, but so is the content. Other things with higher priorities keep clamouring for my attention.

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